Welcome to Brick Bonus!

My name is Dan. I've been collecting legos since I was 16. I'm more than double that age now. I have been selling legos online every since I was around 16 years old too. I focus on Star Wars, mostly because I love the movies and can appreicate the best sets. When I'm not building my own lego sets I'm selling the extra ones I haven't had a chance to build.

If you have any questions or offers, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Update on Shipping due to Coronavirus: Canada Post has put restrictions on the countries we can ship to. If you are from the Tier 1 English speaking countres: US, UK, CA, AU and NZ you have nothing to worry about. We are also shipping to Korea as well, but please note that due to airlines grounding a number of flights there can be delays, whereas shipping via truck (US and CA) is likely uninterrupted, albeit slower. 

I have noticed that USPS and CanadaPost are not updating the status/location of packages as frequently as they were back in the summer. This is likely due to the holiday rush. If you have received an email notification from me saying that your order has shipped, that means it has left my hands and is now in the care of the postal system.


After each order with BrickBonus you will receive a coupon once you have marked your order as "received" and posted feedback. Your first coupon will be for free shipping. This is the equivalent of getting 3-5% off on an order of up to $100. 

After your 2nd order, you will receive a coupon for Level 2, and after your 3rd order you will receive a coupon for Level 3. This goes on to Level 5. After 5 orders you will get a free shipping and a discount on every order forever.

Here is a breakdown of the coupon levels:

Loyalty Reward Level 1: After successfully completing your first order you will get free shipping on the next order (over $50).

Loyalty Reward Level 2: After successfully completing your second order you will get a coupon for free shipping and 5% off your next order (over $50)

Loyalty Reward Level 3: After successfully completing your third order you will get a coupon for free shipping and 8% off your next order, (over $100).

Loyalty Reward Level 4: After successfully completing your fourth order you will get a coupon for a flat $10 off your order. Minimum order will be $25.

Loyalty Reward Levels 5: Once you've received coupon levels 1-4, the 5th level will always be the same: 15% off your order, regardless of the order size. If your order is > $250 I will include tracking on your order, but you'll pay my already well priced cheap shipping charge :)


Additional Notes on Figure Specifications:

There are two types of Kashyyyk Clone Troopers (41st Elite Corps). The difference is very minimal and involves a slightly different camouflage pattern on the helmet. This is very difficult to see. I do not differentiate between them. Whether new or used. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

The heads of the clone wars troopers (ARC trooper, clone trooper, ARF trooper, bomb squad trooper, etc.) may have blocked open studs, or unblocked open studs. This applies to new and used. If it's important to you, please make a note in the comments when you place an order and I will try to accomodate.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. When Will My Legos Arrive?

Due to the coronavirus situation, there has been a lot of online orders and parcels managed by Canada Post. There are the updated times for receiving a parcel, based on what I have observed throughout the month of October 2020:

  • Orders for the USA: Takes 1-3 weeks from date of order. Some parts like NY or Vermont are faster, but Southern states such as Texas are definitely closer to 3 weeks.
  • Orders to Toronto: Takes 1-5 business days
  • Orders to Ontario (excluding Toronto): Takes 1-2 weeks
  • Orders to the rest of Canada: Takes 1-3 weeks from time of order.

I wish it were faster, but it simply is not. It is however getting faster as the economy is slowly turning back on.

2. Why don't you have a lot of Feedback?

I don't have a lot of feedback because nobody gives me feedback in return once they receive their order. Please help me, and let me know how I did. If there were any issues please contact me first so we can resolve them.

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